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七年級暑假作業答案2020英語教學設計.docx 13頁

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今泰學院推薦文檔 第 PAGE 第 PAGE 2 頁 共 NUMPAGES 2 頁 七年級暑假作業答案2020英語教學設計 English teaching design for 2020 編訂:JinTai College 編訂:JinTai College 七年級暑假作業答案2020英語教學設計 前言:小泰溫馨提醒,暑假作業是在暑假期間需要完成老師或學校布置的作業。暑假作業形式多樣,不僅有學科作業,也有社會實踐方面的作業,這樣根據各個學校的具體安排。本教案根據暑假作業標準的要求和教學對象的特點,將教學諸要素有序安排,確定合適的教學方案的設想和計劃。便于學習和使用,本文下載后內容可隨意修改調整及打印。 暑假就要離我們遠去了,但是暑假作業還在,你們的暑假作業完成了,下面是整理的關于七年級暑假作業答案2019英語,歡迎閱讀參考! 英語練習一 prefer would rather would rather prefer would rather would rather prefer prefer prefer nothing noting everybody nobody anything nothing none anyone everyone something everybody BABDA CBCBB I prefer watching TV to go to have a walk with you It's interesting to chat with others If you fell sad or scared,try to wear in yellow She painted the wall blue and hope it will bring you success I think it will rain BCBCA DBADB CDCBBC 作文略 英語練習三 from at about whti to on about in feel stressed at the moment be very valuable on time hand in give up doing sth. plenty of hear from sb. a piece of advice forget to do sth. go out late be in trouble though attention confidence talented prouds replied miss spare on worries shout stressed causing weight balance covers getting has come to follow walk to deal listening to help clean drawing to catch to tell fell smoking don't to buy discussing hasn't finished to meet to write sitting to stay to save CACBA ADDDA A BCDCC BDCAA CADCDD 作文略英語練習四 reported especially series months interview director prize cartoon movie announced website space DADBB ACADD talking think lasted quicker much homework to do that i have no time to watch TV Why these tigers are being killed a number of beautifully==>beatuflyu hardly==>hard back==>去掉 all==> both are==>去掉 boring==>bored any==>后面加 other more==>much very==>去掉 in ==>of of==>in BCADA BACBC BCAAACDACB 英語練習五 acting to be loss to become successful beauty beginning was chosen final achievement not o


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