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1、Talk?about?a?dangerous?or?exciting?situation?you?were?in? WhenI was in primary school, I bought a prank toys, that can jump out from the bottle to the snake, then I gave it to a girl, She screamedwhen she opened the box.At that time, I was nervous and scared. 2、What?are?the?secrets?of?a?successful?relationship?? First of all, I think that is the secret of a successful relationship between the two parties need to respect each other, tolerance each other's shortcomings.The second is when you're free to keep in touch with friendsand occasionally need to praise your friends.Finally, it's important to put down your phone when you meet. 3、What?is?your?favorite?festival?why? My favorite holiday is Spring Festival, because I can do many meaningful things. For example, I can get together with my family and feel the warmth of family. At the same time, you can also go out to dinner with old friends and play mah-jongg to promote friendship. The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is very lively. If there is a chance, I hope you can experience it. 4、What?are?the?best?and?worst?meals?you?have?ever?had? Describe?them? The best thing I've ever eaten is Chongqing hotpot, because it has my favorite chili, all kinds of vegetables, lamb and beef. And it's a great way to get together with friends, People sit around a table and talk about something happy things. The worst food I've ever eaten is Fried cockroach. It's delicious, but it's disgusting. 5、Say?an?activity?you?think?is?a?waste?of?time?Why? In our current life, mobile phones play an indispensable role in our life. Through it, we can keep in touch with family and friends. We can also watch movies and play games on our mobile phones. However, it takes up too much of our time. We should learn to put down our phones and take part in extracurricular activities to relieve the pressure of study, strengthen physical fitness, enhance friendship and enrich campus life. 6、What?topics?do?you?like?reading?about/watching?on?the?news?Why? The


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