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河南省扶溝縣2018屆高三英語上學期第三次考試試題(附答案)講課稿.docx 24頁

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河南省扶溝縣2018屆高三英語上學期第三次考試試題(附答案) 河南省扶溝縣2018屆高三英語上學期第三次考試試題 第一部分 聽力(略) 第二部分 閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分 40 分 ) (共 15 小題;每小題 2 分,滿分 30 分) 閱讀下列短文,從每題所給的四個選項 A、B、C 和 D 四個選項中,選出 最佳選項。 A Here are a few of our favorite entries so far in our “Your Life: The Reader’s Digest Version” contest. After reading these, head over to Facebook and submit your own story about a special moment or lesson that shaped your life. “There’s Always a John” By Darla Boyd My first year of teaching, there was a kid named John in my class. John was difficult to control and he nearly drove me crazy. While talking about him one day, an old teacher put his hand on my shoulder and said, “There will always be a John. Your job is to learn to discover what makes him different and help him grow better.” The next year, there was indeed another John. In the last 20 years, I’ve learned to enjoy all the kids like John. That advice taught me that there is something to appreciate in everyone. “An Early Key Lesson” By Elaine West Before I began my first teaching job, my mother, a teacher of 30 years, gave me a very special gift, five simple words that have had an effect on my entire life: “Make friends with the janitor (門衛).” Her wisdom taught me the respect for all types of characters and continue to enrich my life to this day. Just five little words but what an impact they can have when you take them to heart. “Raising Mommy” By Jan Davis Being a mother can always present challenges and rewards. Someone told me early in my parenting career that “Children will teach you everything you need to know”. Being a mother is being raised. Our children become our advisers. Their dreams become our professors, as we are taking notes carefully. The sounds of their laughter and smiles on their faces are a great reward to us or bring us great joy. Their tears remind us that it is okay to fail, wipe the tears away and try again. What did the old teacher mean by saying “There will always be a John”? There are always difficult students like Jo


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