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trial: Quiz details 個人測試成績記錄 Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage or dialog. 1. A. She forgot most of her English. B. She returned to the regular class. C. She missed her best friend a lot. D. She became sad about her studies. 2. A. Because her English was very good. B. Because she had been in the wrong class. C. Because she wanted to study online. D. Because she didn't like the regular class much. 3. A. It was exciting. B. It was challenging. C. It was rewarding. D. It was frustrating. 4. A. She caught up with other students in the class. B. She managed to be at the top of the class. C. She had to be sent back to the regular class. D. She failed in the final exam despite her efforts. 5. A. She should study together with her best friend. B. She should learn with teachers helping her study. C. She should study with students at the same level. D. She should not blame other people for her failure. Part 1 Understanding Long Conversations (每小題: 1 分; 滿分:5 分) 小題 得分 對錯 我的答案 客觀 1. 1 B B 2. 1 A A 3. 0 C D 4. 1 C C 5. 1 B B Subtotal: 4 老師評語: Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage or dialog. 1. A. It is built in the open air. B. The teaching is done on radio and television. C. Its students must be stay-at-home mothers. D. Its students must have a university education. 2. A. Because most of the teaching is done on radio or TV. B. Because students doing any jobs can be accepted. C. Because students don't need to pass exams to be accepted. D. Because students at different ages can be accepted. 3. A. To help people who missed university education when they were young. B. To bring radio and television into the field of education. C. To offer more people opportunities to receive university education. D. To help people who would rather study at home than go to school. 4. A. 238 B. 382 C. 328 D. 283 5. A. Send written work to a tutor. B. Spend 3 weeks as a full-time student. C. Receive advice at a study center. D. Take part in the final examinations. Q


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