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人教版七下Unit 10 I'd like some noodles.單元測試A卷.doc 10頁

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第 第 PAGE 1 頁 共 NUMPAGES 1 頁 人教版七下Unit 10 I'd like some noodles.單元測試A卷 一、 按要求寫出下列單詞。 (共1題;共1分) 1. (1分)We don't have ________ (歷史) on Friday afternoon. 二、 根據句意及首字母或漢語提示完成單詞。 (共6題;共10分) 2. (5分)單詞拼寫(單句首字母填空)。 (1)If you borrow something from others, you had better r________?the thing to them. (2)Some students think s________?is the most difficult subject. (3)I want to travel around the w________. (4)Before you send a letter, you usually put a s________?on the envelope. (5)In China, you mustn't do any c________?on the first day of the Spring Festival. 3. (1分)Koalas like ________?(睡覺) in the day. 4. (1分)The ________ tastes really good. 5. (1分)Our government has made laws to ________(限制)air and water pollution. 6. (1分)The students over there are________(德國人).They came to our school last year. 7. (1分)That pretty girl enjoys nice words about her l________. 三、 用括號內所給單詞的適當形式填空。 (共10題;共29分) 8. (1分)We students should take more ________( exercise) to keep healthy. 9. (1分)Is that ________ (he)brother? 10. (1分)My mum was cooking when my brother________(arrive) home. 11. (1分)The girl is in poor health. She gets tired ________ (easy). 12. (10分)用所給詞的適當形式填空 (1)That is________ book. (Mike) (2)It's ________ orange. (a, an ) (3)These are my ________ (sister) . (4)His ________ (parent) are in Beijing now. (5)There are four________ (photo) on the wall. (6)________ (that) two boys are David and Bill. (7)These are my________. (box) (8)This isn't Tom's eraser. ________ (he) is white. (9)Helen's ruler isn't here. ________ (she) is in the pencil box. (10)This ________ (be not) my pen. My pen is white. 13. (2分)The girl ________(have)five ________(basketball). 14. (1分)Peter ________ (study) Chinese, Math, Science, English and Art at school. 15. (1分)He was very happy ________?(see) his mother. 16. (10分)閱讀下面材料,在空白處填入適當的內容(1個單詞)或括號內單詞的正確形式。 Daniel Kristiansea is a 14-year-old schoolboy from Denmark. Recently, while doing his history homework about World War Ⅱ, he had a sur


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